Message From MD For all Students study abroad

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the PACIFIC GLOBAL NETWORK LIMITED to students, guardians and prospective business associates. We are one of the leading education consultancies in Bangladesh, especially promoting AUSTRALIA, NZ, UK, USA, CANADA , education. In a developing country like ours it is anything but natural that students empowered as they are with access to all sorts of technologies, want to see and experience what they are frequently exposed to. Abroad education, in particular, has gained the attention of lots of students who can foresee the difference that quality education, experience and exposure can bring in their lives. We stepped in the moment the trend was brewing up and turned it into a mutually beneficial business for us and the aspiring students.

Take earnest care of our students till the time they safely anchor on the doorstep of their cherished goal, to see the smile of achievement on their lips; because we believe, success of our students mean the same to us.

We strongly believed that Bangladesh need to develop .Its Human Recourses with the Right Skill and Technical Abilities to Compete with this Globalised World. The mission of PACIFIC GLOBAL NETWORK LIMITED is to provide Global opportunity for Bangladeshi students.

Mustaq Ahmed
Managing Director
Pacific Global Network Limited